Betsy Loves

What the fork?

One of the funniest moments came about the other week when chatting to Momma P. There we were – Poppa P, Mr T, Brother James, Momma P and I – tucking into our delicious Momma P provided Sunday dinner, and the question of forks came up.

How weird, you might be thinking to yourself. How random. I’ll give you both of those. But I was eating my roast chicken, and looking at my fork – my fork with only three prongs – and I remembered something Sheldon said inĀ The Big Bang Theory about fork;, a real fork has four prongs, whereas one with three prongs should rightly be referred to as a trident. This tickled me whenI heard it then, and it tickled me when I remembered it at that moment.

And so I shared this snippet with Momma P.

And it BLEW HER MIND!!!!

Consider that we were using the cutlery the Ps have had for decades and it’s never been questioned before. Bear in mind that it was a random comment to make in the first place. Think about eating your roast dinner with a trident (I had a properĀ Little Mermaid and King Triton moment). And then imagine Momma P’s jaw hitting the table and staying there for a good five minutes.

It was hilarious, but probably one of those times when you had to be there in person, so, why am I telling you? Because it was also one of those precious moments in life when you realise how much you love the people around you and how ludicrous, yet fabulous, life really is. Sometimes, it really is the little things like having three prongs instead of four.