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I go on Pinterest a lot. A lot a lot a lot. And I find it really inspiring for fashion and outfits. I also visit a lot of blogs. In fact, I have almost a hundred fashion blogs that I visit every week, and I usually find inspiring outfits on those too. So in the spirit of sharing and being a good fashion-lover, I’m going to post my favourites here so you can be inspired (or not) too. Here’s this week’s:

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zara jeans zara jumper

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Betsy Loves, Fashion

Pop a sock

I’ve been having terrible trouble with my feet recently. Almost every pair of shoes I own are rubbing or pinching or squeezing or generally just hurting in some way. It’s very frustrating, and there are only so many blister plasters one can layer on.

So, I decided to take a leaf out of Hannah Rochelle of En Brogue‘s book, and buy myself some jazzy socks. Yes, that’s right, I’m about to rock the visible socks and shoes trend…

I went on to Pinterest to do some serious research, and I’ve got to admit it, I was pretty inspired. Armed with these pictures, I’m going to venture into the world of socks. Whether I’m successful or not remains to be seen! In an effort to avoid looking sartorially inelegant, I’ve opted for two pairs of glittery socks – black and charcoal – and one pair of white frilly ones (all from Topshop). I’m really hoping that my sneaking suspicion that you have to have long lean legs to make this look work (I’m talking about you, Alexa Chung) is proved wrong.



















Staying solvent

I am a consumer. The worst kind. I am terribly impressionable so a flashy advertising campaign will always impress me (hello Apple). I also love the feeling of possessing something shiny and new. I quite enjoy popping into town for a browse. I go on Amazon at least once a day. I’m an eBay bidder and seller. Every day I check the new stock in Topshop and Asos (and Net-a-Porter but fortunately I acknowledge that 99.9% of everything on here is out of my price range). I buy Elle monthly and earmark anything that takes my fancy. I follow a plethora of fashion blogs and also earmark anything I fancy. Ditto Instagram and Pinterest.

My Pinterest shopping list

My Pinterest shopping list

I like clothes. I like shoes. I like jewellery. I like make up. I like bags. I like STUFF. Stuff is fun, although I will hold my hands up and say the amount of stuff I own is ridiculous, and when you put it into the context of most of the world’s population it’s obscene. However, fair distribution of the world’s wealth is not the topic of this blog post; the topic is, how do I avoid bankruptcy?…

My Amazon wishlist

My Amazon wishlist

Luckily, Momma P drummed into me the dangers of store cards from a young age. And Mr P would be highly unimpressed if I found myself flailing under thousands of pounds worth of debt. That being said, I have an overdraft, and a credit card, and I am prepared to use both. If I indulged every single desire then I would be in serious trouble. No joke.

My Asos 'saved' list

My Asos ‘saved’ list

So how do I manage? Not with anything as adult as pure and simple willpower and control. Oh no; I have to psyche myself out and I do this with the joys of virtual shopping.

My Topshop 'notebook'

My Topshop ‘notebook’

Every single website that I buy from has a ‘saved items’ or ‘wishlist’ option and I use these to go CRAZY! I add every top, bag, hat and accessory to my online basket and bask in the glow of almost buying. Sometimes I glance at the total and gulp. Other times I don’t even look. And then I go and do something else.

My eBay watchlist

My eBay watchlist

If, a month or so down the line, and I still want one of the things I popped in my basket, then, and only then, I consider actually buying it. (Well, quite frankly, that statement is a big fat lie because sometimes I see something and fall in love with it completely and know that my life will only be complete if I buy it, so I do, but mostly, yeah, I do what I just said…)

It’s working out quite well for me so far. The only downside is when I come back a month later and want it all… Or when I come back a month later and the dress I wanted isn’t available anymore… Or when my lists become so long I’ll never reach the bottom of them… Ok. So there are a few teething issues but it’s better than being bankrupt.