Girls in glasses

I’m thinking of getting some new glasses. I fell for the big black Rayban-esque geek chic nerdy cool frames last year, and after a trip to Specsavers where I tried a pair of the designer frames on, I actually decided I preferred Specsavers’ own version, which, brilliantly, cost a mere £25 for the frames AND prescription lenses! I was sold. I’ve had the glasses for a year, and still love them, but I’ve been toying with branching out and if I can get my hands on another £25 pair, then I’ll be chuffed. These are my picks so far; are any taking your fancy? (They’re not all £25, but they’re all Specsavers’ own and none of them are more than £65 with lenses.)


25390124-front-940x529 25634600-front-2000x1125 25665130-front-940x529 25666106-front-2000x1125 25666120-front-2000x1125 25666847-front-940x529 25666854-front-2000x1125 25672619-front-2000x1125


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