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What I’ve learnt this year

I’ve seen loads of these posts over the last few days and while I don’t want to bore you guys with a definitive list of personal discoveries that probably won’t interest you at all, I thought I’d still add my own two penneth… You didn’t think you’d get off that easily, did you?!

It is possible to be depressed and not be on antidepressants
This one has taken me years to manage and it’s by no means something I’ve managed on my own. I have to thank Mr T and Momma P hugely, but I’ll also take some credit. Life without antidepressants isn’t without its ups and downs but that is life, right? Have you ever seen The Garden State? The main character (Zach Braff) has been on all sorts of medication for years and decides to stop taking them all, cold turkey, when his mother dies and he can’t feel anything. While I don’t necessarily recommend cold turkey, it was a thought process that has always really resonated with me. And when I say ‘be depressed and not on antidepressants’ I don’t mean that I’m actually suffering from depression anymore. I suppose I mean that I will always be prone to depression but now I’ve found a way to live with that.

Colour coding anything makes it look better
This is a fact. Books, DVDs, clothes, everything looks better when in a graduated rainbow. Trust me. If you’re struggling with any ugly displays, remember your basic rainbow and you’re golden (or red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet). You’re welcome.

A constant weight is a win
Even if I haven’t lost any weight this year (why do I always set myself these ridiculous ‘lose three stone in a month’ goals?), I haven’t actually put any on. Not overall anyway. I weigh exactly the same. And considering there’s meant to be a weight creep each year as you get older, I consider that a win. In fact, it could almost be counted as a loss. If you see what I mean.

High heels are not for everyone
It’s taken me far too long (embarrassingly long) to realise that women are not required to wear heels. That you can put together a cute, or dare I say it, even sexy, outfit that includes flats. And this way I can walk and stop moaning about my agonised feet. Once I realised this, I realised that there are actually some pretty darn cute flats out there – pointy silver flats, patent oxblood brogues, gold toe lace ups – and I now want them all.

Getting older is fun
No really. I’m enjoying the journey. I’m enjoying learning more about myself and the people and world around me. I’m enjoying learning that I don’t need to truss myself up in Spanx, a body con dress and heels to be hot. I’m enjoying learning that yes, I’m a faddy person, and that I’ll usually pick a quiet night in over a night out in town.

Momma P is my best friend
Lies. I knew this already.

The NHS is brilliant and we are lucky to have it
Honestly. They were so great when I was in hospital earlier this year.

But… I don’t want to go back to hospital for a very very long time
I know you don’t need me to explain this one to you.

I am a feminist
Sorry, Mr T. I’m not going to get on a soapbox, but the fourth wave of feminism is here and it’s exciting and I, for one, am proud to be part of it. And there are some great women part of it too. Equal rights for men and women. For me, it’s a simple as that.

Dubai is a surprisingly good place to reassess your life
I visited over my birthday, and came back determined to get my career back on track, find a way of living that made me happy, sort my finances and generally get my act together. Granted, it probably wasn’t Dubai; it was spending time with one of my loveliest friends, and getting some space from my life back at home. But if you need to reassess your life, book a holiday, even a long weekend to the next city over, and I guarantee it will help you.

I can swim the Channel
And if I can, you can too. Set those goals, and then smash them.

Right, that’s enough for now, don’t you think? I hope you’ve all had a wonderful 2014, and you know what? I have a GREAT feeling about 2015. It’s going to be a good one, guys!


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