On the scent

I have the ultimate First World dilemma. Let me introduce you to women and perfume. This relationship can go one of two ways – either you’re an ardent supporter of a single scent and wear it all day, every day; or you’re fickle and flutter from one perfume to another depending on your mood, season, etc.

Until recently, I’ve been the signature scent kind of gal since falling in love with Jo Malone’s Pomegranate Noir about ten years ago. Every now and then I had a spritz of something else but I mostly remained faithful, and it’s what people associated with me. But then, suddenly, one morning, I woke up and wasn’t in love any more, at all. (And no, I wasn’t pregnant.)

Since then, I’ve toyed semi-seriously with another Jo Malone – Vetyver – but that’s being discontinued (sigh) and Liz Earle’s Botanical Essence No.15 which, while delicious, sadly lacks staying power; more recently I’ve dabbled all over the shop – from Chanel to Chloé – but I’m not head over heels for any of them.

Shopping for a new perfume is an olfactory minefield: what smells lovely on paper, can smell completely different on your skin, and then, after you’ve tried several scents, you can’t distinguish between them all anyway. After a couple of years of searching, I got so desperate recently I went back to Pomegranate Noir just to see if I’d changed my mind again. I haven’t.

I’ve grown up adhering to the first perfume principle that without my signature I’m all at sea; my perfume had almost become part of my personality and now I’m adrift. First World problem or not, any suggestions will be gratefully received. Until then, I’ll continue to sidle up to strangers, sniff deeply, ponder, before asking the all-important question, ‘What perfume are you wearing?’


4 thoughts on “On the scent

  1. lauramarshall2908 says:

    I’ve been wanting to try a Jo Malone perfume for ages but never knew which one to try! My all time favourite perfume is Chanel no5. You can’t beat it!


    • Laura, I can’t recommend Jo Malone enough. I’ve always loved her scents, and their fragrance isn’t usually instantly recognised (which the snob in me appreciates!). I’m still toying with Chanel Coco Noir; it’s definitely growing on me. I also quite like Chanel’s 1932 (soooooo expensive), but I never feel grown up enough for No.5… x


      • lauramarshall2908 says:

        Thats something im looking for, i feel like most frangrances smell the same these days! Youre right about No5, i can only wear it when im dressed up otherwise i feel like im not doing it justice!x


  2. If it’s something different, then I definitely recommend Jo Malone. I’m looking to try out her new line too – Jo Loves. But it’s only in London. Dammit! Oh, and also Miller Harris. But like I said, it needs persistence and time to find a new perfume… I think you either need to be very dressed up for No.5, or very undressed, a la Marilyn! x


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