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The return of the opaques

I went out for a few drinks with Danners this Saturday and I was so pleasantly surprised by the number of girls eschewing bare legs for some opaque black tights. I love a good pair of opaques, especially when you don’t have the best legs (dammit!) – you can almost rock a miniskirt or shorts as well as the girl with beautiful smooth legs up to her armpits.

They give every outfit an oomph of class so you can wear that new leather skirt to the office (just as long as you don’t pair it with those thigh high boots you’ve got…), and you can restyle your favourite summer dress for winter when you throw on a pair of opaques underneath and a chunky cardie on the top.

Don’t go for anything less than 60 denier; I’m more of a 100 denier girl myself. And, while, in a dream world, we’d all be walking round with our legs encased in ludicrously expensive tights from Wolford, if you’re as clumsy as I am, then a multi-pack from Primark will do the job; just avoid any shine like the plague!

Oh, and if it’s good enough for Olivia Palermo and La Moss, then it’s good enough for me.

These are some of my favourite opaque looks.





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