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Never step on Mr T’s shoes

For aaaaaaages, I’ve been hankered after a pair of Superga’s pristine white canvas tennis shoes. They’re completely lush with a chunky white sole. Plus, they’re wide (unlike Converse).


So why don’t I have a pair? Because, in a moment of madness, I once made the mistake of standing on the toes of Mr T’s brand new white Vans. With hindsight, I can see it was a fairly idiotic move, especially as he was inordinately proud of them. But at school, no one wore box fresh shoes. It was a rite of passage to mucky up the toes. Apparently it wasn’t at his. And he did warn me he’d be mad.

Still. I was a bit surprised he got mad. He sulked for the whole day. And steadfastly promised to ‘ruin’, a.k.a. stand on any white shoes I ever bought.

Hence the lack of Supergas.

But now, Adidas Stan Smiths are making a comeback. Woohoo! At first, I toyed with the idea of the Superstars, but the flatform didn’t do it for me. So then, back to the Stans. What’s not to love about plain white trainers? And most importantly, they’re leather. So if Mr T takes his revenge, I can wipe them clean. Mwahahahahaha.


However, the classic Stans have a green tab at the heel, while you can also get navy; and I’m more of a navy kind of girl. Mr T thinks they look chavvy, but I bet he’s just jealous because I’ve found a loophole in his cunning plan.


So, the question is, do I go for green (and be classic), or navy (and be rebellious…lols)?

And if you need proof that these are the coolest shoes this season, sneak a peek below.

Phoebe Philo stan smiths










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