Beauty, Betsy Loves


It’s not a new concept – in the 60s, my mum used a lipstick called Tangee that did the same thing – but Barry M are doing it very well.

And what is this concept? Alkaline lipstick. They’ve done it before with their Touch of Magic, but Genie is the new improved formula.

The lipstick comes in a hot pink and neon green tube, the colour of the paint itself is neon green, but once on your lips, it reacts to the alkali there and develops into a lovely pop of berry pink. And because people have different levels of alkaline in their lips, the colour is different from person to person. It also has a waxy balm-like finish that almost stains your lips, so it lasts for the whole day. For under a fiver, I’m not complaining.

I love the pink colour I get; it’s sort of a vamped up version of my own lip colour and makes me look fresh and healthy. Even Mr T likes it.

If you’re remotely intrigued, I’d say give it a go. You might even find your new favourite lipstick.



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