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Stripes and print

Sorry for the slight dip in posts over the last week or so. I’d love to tell you I’ve been really busy, but actually I’ve been enjoying the weather and lots of afternoon naps. It’s been lovely.

Back to the matter in hand – stripes and prints. Not just any stripes and prints, you understand; essentially Breton stripes and leopard print. To be honest, I don’t think I’ve met a breton stripe or a leopard print that I haven’t liked. Mr T is much pickier; he believes there’s such a thing as a good leopard print and a bad one, and to be fair, he’s probably right, but I still love the spots.

In my wardrobe right now, I have no less than 15 stripey tops. I’ve got black and white, navy and white, pale blue and white, white and navy, white and pink; I’ve got vest tops, t-shirts, jumpers and long sleeved jobbies. As for the leopard print, well, I’m wearing my adored leopard pumps right now (a bargain find in Clarks’ sale), and I have a leopard print dress, vest tops, pants, scarves (lots of these!), nail wraps (no judging, please); the list goes on.

You’d think I’d have enough in my collection, yes? No. Absolutely not. Currently, I’ve got my eye on Boden’s new assortment of Breton tops, a leopard print clutch from French Connection, some leopard sandals in the sale on Asos, a leopard dress from Whistles, and some boots from Boden; and these are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head!

My inspiration for stripes will always be Audrey Tautou as Coco Chanel. The woman looks incredible and so chic. As for leopard print? I just like to think I’m channeling my inner rock chick…

How about you? Are there any things that you simply can’t resist buying or lusting after?



14WSPR_AZ184_LEO Char-Leopard-Print-Pouch

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3 thoughts on “Stripes and print

  1. I adore stripes – I have so many Breton style tops and knitwear it’s not funny! They’re so chic and go with everything plus with a red scarf they really “pop”. Also love animal print especially in accessories such as scarves and ballet flats – you can even combine them with stripes too it does work! Kind regards Rosemary 🙂


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