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News not boobs

Honestly, this seems a bit of a no-brainer to me. Boobs aren’t news, however lovely they are. And you read a newspaper for, surprisingly enough, the news. If you want to have a peek of some lady’s waps then there are other ‘publications’ for that, and numerous websites, but that’s another issue.

If this simple argument hasn’t swayed you, say hello to the team at No More Page 3. They’ve been campaigning to get rid of Page 3 for a while now. They’ve got a petition online which you can sign. They’ve got testimonials from unhappy former-glamour models. And they’ve got more celebrity supporters than you can shake a stick it. But every single signature on the petition, and every single supporter makes a difference.

These are their six reasons why Page 3 has to go in a nutshell:

  1. It’s no longer the sexist 1970s
  2. This is soft porn in family newspapers which kids can, and will, see
  3. It’s sending the wrong message to kids: men have their future’s in their hands, women cover their boobs with their hands
  4. Women have more to offer than their boobs: our achievements are vast and varied
  5. Every weekday for the last 44 years in The Sun newspaper the largest female image has been of a young woman showing her breasts for men, indicating that whatever else a woman achieves, her primary role is to serve men sexually.
  6. Newspapers don’t need boobs to sell, and by featuring them they are undermining any stories surrounding women’s issues such as rape, sexual abuse and domestic violence

I think the campaign makes some excellent points, and if this is all getting a bit too serious for you, imagine having your young child sitting on your lap and asking why you’re looking at a naked woman.

Anyway, moral lessons aside, they also sell the most awesome t-shirts. Check them out!

Make up your own mind, and visit 

Sign the petition here –

Buy your t-shirt from here –






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