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Everyone loves drunken Chinese fireworks

I don’t suppose it comes as a surprise to anyone to learn that when you live with someone, they’re going to change or influence you in some way. I always knew I was a bit of a geek (I colour code my bookshelves so that they look pretty, Buffy is still one of my favourite tv shows and I’m always checking out ‘useful’ facts on Wikipedia) but it would appear Mr T is taking that to a whole new level. I suppose, if I’m being really honest, I should blame MrT2 and MrT3 as well as they’re the ones who initially inducted Mr T into their gaming circle.

A gaming circle. Oh yes. Card games, board games, you name it. But before you make the mistake of scoffing (like I did) cast your mind back to being a child – how much fun did you have playing Jenga or Twister or Hungry Hippos or Mousetrap or Pictionary? Lots of fun. Hours of fun. FUN! That doesn’t change as you get older, or at least, it doesn’t have to. Forget acrimonious Monopoly battles that break up families, these games are often teamwork-based.

Last weekend, Mr T and I went to Travelling Man – the supposed mecca for all gamers and comic book lovers – and he chose a card game for each of us. I’ll tell you about mine at another time, but for himself, he picked Hanabi.

You don’t need to know the ins and outs of the rules, but essentially, you’re drunk Chinese firework makers, you can’t remember what fireworks you have, and you have to work as a team to create the best display you can. It sounds a bit random, I grant you. You need to use your memory and as it turns out, mine is either really truly bad or desperately under-practised; Mr T is a bit of a whizz. It’s sickening. He tries to control his eye-rolling when I play the wrong card, or his smugness when I finally play the correct one after numerous clues that he’s thrown my way.

In the rules, it says you can’t look at your cards (you can only look at the other players – you’re drunk, remember?) but if you do, you risk your reputation as a Chinese pyrotechnic master. I can honestly, hand on heart, say that I’ve only risked my reputation once, or maybe twice. Ok, three times. And I still sucked. Oh well, practice makes perfect…



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