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Barry M Limited Edition Nail Paint in Bikini

Nail varnish is brilliant. It’s a great way to update your look at very little cost. And if you’re as fickle as I am, you can change the colour every day if you fancy. Get in.

I’m also a fan of Barry M. I know it’s a big favourite of pre-teens (and drag queens) and it’s a bit naff but it’s cheap and cheerful.

The other day in Boots I noticed they were displaying Barry M’s new limited edition summer nail paint range. I didn’t give the orange a second glance (sorry, orange), but the blue, well, it called to me from the very first second.

 20140625-164029-60029553.jpg        20140625-164029-60029874.jpg

The photos don’t really do it justice but it’s a beautiful cornflower blue-y purple. I’ve already told Mr T that I’d like it as my wedding colour (!)… I always use a base and top coat (just a bog standard one from Rimmel, I think), and with two coats of this baby sandwiched in between (and left to dry for at least five minutes between each layer) and my nails were ready and looking FAB U LOUS.

I think this colour is only available in Boots (Superdrug has its own two limited edition colours), and you can’t buy it online, so I’d absolutely recommend you pop to your local Boots and snap up a bottle (or two).



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