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Bikini bridges

Yesterday I briefly touched on body image syndromes like thigh gaps. What is a thigh gap? The clue’s in the name really – it’s being skinny enough that the very top of your inner thighs don’t meet in the middle. On some women, those who have a genetic predisposition, this looks perfectly normal, or other women, those who’ve desperately tried to achieve a gap which was never naturally meant to be there, it looks weird.

And now it appears that this year, as well as demanding non-touching thighs, women can add another fetishistic syndrome to their list – the bikini bridge. Less self-explanatory perhaps. Allow me to expand, it simply refers to the ‘bridge’ that is formed by your bikini bottoms (or knickers) when your hipbones jut out when you lie down. Now, whether you think this is attractive or not, and before you express your outrage or delight, let me tell you that this is a hoax.

A hoax, you say? Yes.

Someone thought it’d be funny to poke fun at the whole ‘thigh gap’ and general body infatuation, and they created an entirely new phenomenon which they posted to social media, where it went viral. Lo and behold, The Daily Mail (among many others) picked up the story, but crucially, they hadn’t realised it was a hoax (maybe because once again they’d failed to do their homework, or maybe because it appeared so likely a fad, who were they to question it?). They then ran with wild panicky abandon through the quagmire of body image and media representation; you could practically feel the excitement of the editors leeching off the internet at this new monstrosity to rage against.

Then the hoax was revealed, but there was no backtracking and for once I agree with the reasoning – hoax or not, it still represented a worrying fad, and, as The Daily Mail had so elegantly proved, not everyone would realise it was a hoax. Sure enough, #bikinibridge is now a thing; a popular thing.

Perhaps over the next few years and months, we’ll begin to see #xylophonechest – when you can see the upper ribcage clearly; #collarbonecanyon – when these bones protrude prominently; #ribstripes – when your lower ribs show through your sides giving you a ‘stripey’ look; and #cheekdips – for either your butt or your face, take your pick. Isn’t it an exciting age that our unborn daughters can look forward to?


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