Friday the 13th

Are you superstitious?

I don’t think Fridays are unlucky, but I’m not bothered by the number 13. The people who planned our building obviously didn’t like it though as there’s no Flat 13, but bizarrely, there is a no.13 parking space (which just confuses everyone); and while the airline Emirates doesn’t have a row 13, BA does.

Most ‘experts’ think fear of Friday the 13th is a relatively recent phenomenon but it’s still been coined as friggatriskaidekaphobia. Research has shown that enough people are genuinely scared that around $800 million is lost that day; more research shows that the accident rate is actually lower (maybe because people are more careful).

I’m going to work today in my little Hyundai as normal. I don’t worry if a black cat crosses my path, I deliberately walk under ladders (I’m stubborn that way), my favourite birds are magpies, spilt salt goes in the bin, bird poo is not good luck, and umbrellas can be opened indoors. The only one that unnerves me slightly is breaking a mirror. I love a good inconsistency…


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