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Anyone for tennis?

Wimbledon is starting later this month (woooooooop)! I absolutely love it. To get you guys in the mood, here’s some more pics from the family album. This time, it’s The Davis Cup in 1905, and the Dohertys are playing.



I had no idea who the Dohertys were, but a very little googling reveals them to be Reginald ‘RF’ and his younger brother, Laurence.



Both born in Wimbledon, they achieved great things. RF (and Laurie) won the Davis Cup the year that this photo was taken, he also won Wimbledon Singles four times, and several Olympic Golds. Laurie was also a former World No1 tennis player, won Wimbledon and the Olympics. Pretty darned talented.

Only a few weeks ’til Wimbledon. Eeeeek!


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