A Note on the Misters Tee

When I started this blog, I only thought to refer to my other half as Mr T simply to give him a level of anonymity, I never thought of the, erm, consequences…

The first I heard of it was a text from Mr T himself.

Mr T: MR T????
Me: Yeah, that’s you. What else should I call you?
Mr T: Scotch egg?
Me: Erm. No.
Mr T: #carpet
Me: #no
Mr T: I’d like to remain anonymous
Me: I thought as much. So does this mean you’re reading my blog?
Mr T: I may be reading it. Certainly now I’m the main star.
Me: Pah!

I foolishly thought all was settled but then I received this a few days later.

Mr T: No mention of me in the blog today?
Me: Nope. Might squeeze you in over the next few weeks.
Mr T: Not me, MR T!
Me: You just said me. Make your mind up.
Mr T: #scotchegg
Me: You’re weird

Thankfully, that seems to be the end of the debate over Mr T’s name but then I made the foolish error of introducing his older brother – Mr T2. I received the following message…

Mr T2: Betsy, just seen on your blog that I’m Mr T2. In the future, can it be T2: Judgement Day?
Me: Ha! But no
Mr T2: T1000 would also be acceptable

At this point, Mr T’s eldest brother muscled in.

Mr T3: Can I be T3-PO?



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