A Winning Day

Don’t you love it when a plan comes together? For once, I’ve had a successful writing day (2000 words since you ask. Oh, stop it. You’re too kind).

And I’ve only had one 2-hour nap, 2 mars bar ice creams (mini ones so don’t be mad, Mummy, if you’re reading this (and yes, I’m 27, and I still call my mum ‘mummy’. Judge me if you dare)), bought 1 book, watched 1 episode of Supernatural, and read for an hour all in effort not to write. Impressive, non?

As far as I’m concerned, today is a win!

On a side note, I also returned 5 overdue library books and I had a £29.99 fine! That’s insane. They were only a few weeks *cough* ok, a month, overdue! But still. Pffffft. Amazon, here I come.


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