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The Party Ear

I have a party ear. That is to say, I have two ears, and while one parties, one is more of the staid parent that stays at home and worries.

Boring parental ear has a single piercing in the lobe. Very ordinary, very commonplace, very un-party.

Ear number two – aka party ear – has the bottom piercing too, but then it is joined by two more piercings above. Hardly punk, but nevertheless, there’s a bit of a party going on there. And none of the studs match – gasp – I’ve got a tiny gold square in the top, then a gold heart, then a silver heart (lots of love going on in the party ear).

I only got the party ear piercings earlier this year, but I’m a big fan. So much so, that I’m toying with the idea of getting an additional piercing (oh yes!); this one maybe a bit higher up, in the cartilage, maybe with a ring?

Now why only one ear, you may be asking (or not, but I’m going to answer anyway)? Because, the way that I wear my hair on most days is tucked behind the party ear, and falling in front of the parental ear – thus, it would be a waste of money to further adorn the parental lobe, and if the occasion comes to hide the party ear then the hair is just pulled forward. Ingenious, yes? *Takes a bow*

And to all those scientists who say that asymmetry is unattractive, I say look at the party ear!


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