Lest We Forget

This year marks the centenary of the start of the First World War. There are plenty of celebrations planned but this is my own small (very very small, tiny, in fact) contribution.

Almost everyone’s family played in a part in some way, and here is mine.


The woman in the back left is my great great aunt – Evelyn Emma – and she was a Queen Alexandra nurse – part of the army nursing corps.


This is the reverse of the photo. I’m not sure how well you can see, but the inscription reads:

Nurse J “I will”
Nurse W “Miss Dignity”
Nurse I “Captivation”

Pardon! (<I'm not sure why!!)

Three Angels, The Hospital. Ilkeston

I love this unknown piece of history. "I will" is Auntie Evelyn (Nurse J=Nurse Jackson), but who are the other nurses?


We’re less certain about this one. We definitely ‘own’ the gentleman on the second left. I was always told he was my Great Grandfather Vincent, but now we seem to think it might be one of his brother. Either way, ta dah!


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