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Mannion & Co

I think we’ve established that I like, no, LOVE, food, and the wonderful meal of brunch is no exception.

Mannion & Co is a cracking little cafe in York. It has rave reviews but I’d never visited before. Now was the time. So along with Danners, we rocked up.

It’s a gem of a place, and always busy, so expect to either wait, come early, or cross your fingers that you get lucky! Everywhere you look are baskets of freshly baked goods (drool), and they also have a small deli section.

The kitchen is open so you can see all your food being made, and gorgeous smells waft around. The lovely waitress suggested the mushrooms on toast (it’s very popular apparently), but I’m a sucker for scrambled eggs and smoked salmon so I went for that instead, with a peppermint tea.

The eggs were soft and creamy, the smoked salmon rich and tasty, while the tea provided a perfect palate cleanser (god, how pretentious do I sound?!). The tea was served in beautiful Japanese ceramic teapots; ingeniously, while they look pleasingly antique, they’re fitted with a tea strainer so less fuss and mess, plus, you can buy them instore too.

While we ate, a regular popped in, and barely before he had the time to sit down, a freshly made coffee was placed in front of him, and both the owner and the waiting staff frequently stopped by to chat. It was great to see that sort of loyalty in a world of chain coffee shops.

We didn’t linger too long after we’d eaten as there were plenty of people wanting to eat (not that we felt pushed out at all!). Will we go again? Yes. Should you? Yes, but only as long as you don’t make me queue outside!


20140430-132751.jpg 20140430-132700.jpg 20140430-132734.jpg 20140430-132729.jpg 20140430-132718.jpg 20140430-132712.jpg



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