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The Writing Diet

Today, I am sitting at home, at my newly installed desk, desperately trying to sum up the energy (desire?) to do some writing on my next novel, and in the spirit of procrastination, my thoughts turned to the inevitable writing diet.

It would appear that I’m not terribly good at multi-tasking, or indeed, multi-focusing, in any aspect of my life. At any one time, there are a series of projects or endeavours going on in my life – eat better, exercise more, write daily, finish the family tree (start the family tree properly), take care of myself and so on (much to the despair of Mr T, whose common sense dictates finishing one project before starting the next. Boooooring) – and I seem incapable of achieving more than one of these tasks on a daily basis.

In short, if I’ve done my half hour of exercise (torturous in itself), I then no longer feel the need (or have any teeny tiny desire) to  do some writing; or, if I’ve dedicated the day to writing, then I can perfectly well justify the entire pack of deliciously soft and still warm chocolate chip cookies that I will devour.

It’s a very frustrating short-coming. Sigh.

Today, as a writing day, I’m struggling against the urge to polish off an entire bar of dark chocolate that’s sitting calling to me from the cupboard. If I wasn’t a lazy so-and-so, the corner shop would be in danger too. Nutella eaten from the jar with a spoon while ‘diligently’ typing away or ‘doing research’ is also a favourite, yet sadly lacking from our flat.

With writing, the very fact that you can stay in your pyjamas all day, and indeed, in bed all day, should you so desire, seems to take all the motivational wind out of my sails. I suppose I could go walk into town and work in the library, but then, I do have rather a lot of research books to carry with me… and then there’s Starbucks, but that comes with their signature hot chocolate… Oh, woe is me.

Writing, itself, seems to a task that requires actual physical sustenance as well. Caitlin Moran suggests always having a KitKat handy, especially after sending off a features pitch. I couldn’t agree more. And, undoubtedly, she is a very successful writer, with her first novel coming out this summer, a regular column in The Times, and two popular books of essays already released. The corner shop had better watch out after all…


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