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Topshop x Kate Moss

I get it; she’s over-hyped; she probably didn’t design any of the pieces herself; they’re from Topshop so they’re hardly designer, but, still, when I saw Kate Moss was going to release a new collection with Topshop, I was excited. I mean, the woman can dress. Nine times out of ten I like what she’s wearing; millions of women strive to emulate her; and there are thousands, literally, thousands of Pinterest boards devoted to her (I may have one of my own…).

I browsed the whole collection and earmarked the few pieces I thought I’d like. Obviously the prices are inflated but I really really liked the embroidered smock dress (Mr T, my other half, LOATHES it! So much the better, right?).


At £75 I could just about justify it but how was I going to get my hands on it? These collections sell like hot cakes. It is RIDICULOUSLY difficult to get hold of the item you want in the right size. Apparently my local Topshop was opening at 9am this morning (earlier than usual) so that all us fashion-lovers could get our dirty mitts on the clothes in question. However, I am inherently lazy.

So, I turned to the internet, and was feeling suitably smug when, at 7.06am I had popped both the embroidered smock, and a very lovely gold/silver tarnished sequin jacket, in my online basket. I went to pay and BANG! ‘Error’. I’d already put my card details in for God’s sake! I refreshed gingerly… ‘Error’. Ugh. I thought ‘f*** it. I’m not that bothered anyway.’ And then I had a brainwave.

Net-a-porter, a website that I haunt daily but have never yet managed to purchase anything from due to their exorbitant designer prices, was offering a capsule selection of the range. I clicked over to them, and joy of joys, there was my smock (no sequined jacket, but hey ho). I had to pay an extra £5 in postage and packing, but for that I get a ‘signature’ net-a-porter black box (which, if you believe their website blurb, is almost a fashion accessory in itself).

Now I’m just looking forward to getting this smock so I can try it on (much to Mr T’s displeasure), decide I don’t actually like it after all (because I don’t look like Mossy does in the picture) and pay more P&P to send the damned thing back.





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