Too Gay or Not Too Gay?


Hey guys, you’re going to have to help me with this one. I saw this card in Paperchase a while back, and felt strongly enough to tweet them about it. Why? Because I thought it was homophobic, in the sense that it stereotypes gay people as all loving pink, stars and glitter. Inside, it reads “so it reminded me of you”. Hmmmm.

Anyway, I sent my tweet, didn’t get a response, but when I didn’t see it on the shelves on my next visit, I thought it’d been recalled. Winning! Then, the other day, I was in there, and there it was again.

A quick internet search shows that I’m not the only one who found the card at the very least mildly offensive. But it’s still on the shelves. Am I over-reacting? Am I being over-sensitive? Or just plain wrong?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.


2 thoughts on “Too Gay or Not Too Gay?

  1. It’s a tough one this one Betsy, I’ve learnt the dangers of too easily things being branded as ‘homophobic’, and there’s a real risk that if we (we being the every day equality approving members of the public) call a company out for being ‘homophobic’ that there will be a time when gay people aren’t taken seriously when something is truly awfully homophobic. It’s a toughie because this is quite relevant at the moment, especially following Alan Carr’s PETA campaign the other week – (… think gay people need to on one hand step back and just laugh at themselves and the stereotypes a little bit… but on the other hand, I’m fully in agreement with you about how greeting cards like this will just reinforce incorrect stereotypes to other members of the public who will see it. Saying that though, I have a bit of a competition with one of my friends to buy them the ‘gayest possible card’ each Birthday, so arguably I’m fueling the fire. A tough one as I said though, because if Paperchase was to stock “the black-est card I’ve ever seen” or “the most Muslim card I’ve ever seen”, that would obviously cause outcry. There’s got to be a line drawn when gay people stop being the butt of the jokes (no pun intended!)… (Wow, sorry for the word vomit!) xx


    • Thanks so much for replying, Joe. Often, I feel, as a straight person, that I’m out of my depth when talking about these issues, or maybe, overstepping the mark somehow! I also love the fact that you’re not really sure about it all either! Xx


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