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You Look Fine

I’m not sure where this originated from but isn’t it great? I love the idea of not having a mirror (it really might boost my confidence. There’ve been studies… but it’d make eyeliner very taxing and I struggle with that at the best of times!


2 thoughts on “You Look Fine

  1. Lydia says:

    Over the sink in my bathroom, where there is a hook for a mirror I have hung up a framed postcard of a picture that is in the National Gallery – a Spanish painting from the 17th Century called ‘The Toilet of Venus’ (probably sounds more romantic in Spanish!). In the painting Venus, the goddess of Love, is reclining nude with Cupid holding up a mirror to her. As well as being a beautiful painting, I love one of the suggested interpretations of the painting, which is that despite being the personification of female beauty, Venus is not actually looking at her own reflection, but rather looking outwards to the viewer and those around her. I like that concept.


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