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Under Lock And Key

What do you usually lock away? Valuables, right? Cash, jewellery, chocolate, passports maybe… Wait. Chocolate? Whaaaat?

Everyone who knows me knows I have a serious chocolate problem. A serious chocolate problem. I battle daily with the idea (and temptation) that I could survive solely on the brown stuff. I’ll happily have cookies for breakfast, chase them with ice cream, snack on some Galaxy, devour a box of Lindt Lindor for lunch, finish the cookies for my afternoon bitings on, melt some dark chocolate to pour over the remains of the ice cream – you get the picture.

If I ate exactly how I wanted to, I’d be the size of an elephant. In fact, it’s a miracle I’m not clinically obese now (high five adequate metabolism). Sometimes I can control my cravings, but mostly, if there’s chocolate in the flat, it doesn’t stay uneaten for long.

And that’s where this little gadget comes along – the Kitchen Safe – a time release storage container that keeps food locked up until the programmable timer reaches zero.

Oh yes. I need to lock away my chocolate. Pathetic.

There’s no fail safe so I can’t just change my mind when I fancy a nibble. The see-through version seems a little cruel, but there’s a white one that hides the goodies from view.

I know what I’ll be investing in when my next paycheck comes in…


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