Betsy Loves, Fashion

The Ones That Got Away

Call me obsessed but I definitely have ones that got away. No; I don’t mean men, I mean clothes… and shoes, and bags.

It’s the opposite of buyer’s guilt – you know, when you buy something and you regret doing so immediately – it’s not buyer’s guilt. This is an exquisite drummer boy tailcoat jacket from All Saints; or a pair of black snakeskin wedge ankle boots from Kurt Geiger; pony skin leopard print ankle boots from Topshop; a feather-bottomed one-shouldered nude party dress from Oasis; and a calf hair and leather leopard print clutch from Whistles.

I remember all of them. And I have eBay alerts for several of them too – the Topshop boots, the Oasis dress and the Whistles clutch – I’ve never managed to track down the All Saints jacket or Kurt Geiger boots. If I ever get the chance to purchase these bad boys (at a price I can afford!), I will be taking it.

Why didn’t I just buy them at the time, I hear you say? Various reasons.

For the All Saints jacket and Kurt Geiger boots, they were simply too expensive. I was about 15 when I saw both, with only scant money coming in from part-time waitressing. The jacket was a couple of hundred pounds, and the boots a hundred. More than a decade later, I still wish they were in my wardrobe. Damn it.

As for the leopard print boots from Topshop, I foolishly let myself be swayed by my boyfriend. These were not men-friendly shoes; they made too much of a statement, but they were perfect. They had a small cuban/cowboy heel, which is about all I can manage on a daily basis, and I adore leopard print. I have a pair of leopard ballet pumps that I wear all the time. I’m watching a pair of the boots on eBay. They’re not the right size, but I’m watching them.

The leopard clutch was another purchase that was too expensive, initially anyway. And then it was reduced in the sale, and once again, I faltered, and missed my opportunity. Ugh! Every now and then, one pops up on eBay for over £100. Still too much for me to swallow.

I almost had the feather-bottomed dress (much prettier than it sounds!) the other week, but I slept through the final bidding hour. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be.

I can’t believe I’m the only one with ‘ones that got away’. What are yours?


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